Erika’s Fresh Flowers is named after my daughter, Erika, who at 14 years old took over my mother's flower stand, which was simply a way to make extra money from the joys of gardening. As Erika picked and picked, another stand was built on the other side of town. A local florist put in a request to be able to buy several bunches at a time directly from Erika. On one delivery to the flower shop, the florist made the check out to "Erika’s Flowers," and therefore named the business. Erika started her first job working for that florist at 17 years old and continued through college. Erika has since graduated and is married living further South in the Willamette Valley but her passion for flowers is still part of her life.

I have had a lifelong passion for flowers. As a child, my parents made sure I had my own patch of earth to tend to each summer. I planted everything from marigolds to sweet peas and I loved it.

I received a degree in Business Management and began a career as an Office/Operations Manager. After having my second child I decided to stay home with my growing children. In 2005, my passion for all things floral blossomed into a family business as I decided to start Erika's Fresh Flowers.

I enjoy the ability to play with flowers and be with my family. I love creating lush bouquets and arrangements with ingredients that I grew myself. The pleasure of giving others something I created just for them and seeing their response is fun and fulfilling.

Everyone in the family has a talent and I use their expertise as needed,which is quite often.  My husband is the constructor of every wild thing my mind can image.  My son digs the greatest holes - I hate digging.  My mom has a huge garden she tends to and I frequent with my clippers quite often.  And dad grows the most awesome dahlias.  My brother scavenges for the perfect piece to add to the puzzle when we are creating something. Erika is always working in the background with editing, brainstorming, shopping trips for special supplies, and creating with flowers when needed.  My aunt is a great PR person for us. Perhaps the new son-in-law will soon be worked in, maybe making the whole production solar powered. A wild idea for this area!

We are a locally owned flower farm and design studio with a garden style inspired by the wild, unique botanicals around us.  We tend to a cutting garden with a vast selection of flowers, foliage and herbs grown with sustainability practices in mind so as to preserve our land here on the North Oregon Coast.

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