Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Caught Up and Enjoying Summertime

My basil that I planted the same time as Erika
Erika's basil, see the difference?
Bouquet for a bridal shower, you can't see it very well but it had black berry, crab apple, hops, rose hips, salal and jewel tone dahlias and eggplant colored clematis.  The bride loves wildflowers.
Look I have KIWI!
MMM..... Marion Berries at the Oregon Gardens

I grew some beautiful Dragon Tongue green beans from Abundant Life seeds and organic broccoli.  Now I know of a few things that will grow well on the Coast with little sun light

Yes I did it!  I made a succulant garden and threw in a few things for the garden fairies

More of my KIWI

Enjoying what's left of the summer.  All the flowers came on about the same time the first of August and I have been keeping up with them.  Have sold flowers for weddings and to florists.  Have beautiful bouquets at the flower stand on Moore Rd.  Erika and I went to the Oregon Garden in Silverton and  she took me to a rose garden at Avery Park in Corvallis where they had some lovely roses.  As you can see her basil is doing much better than mine.

Dad is busy putting bouquets together for his flower stand. 

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  1. The difference? Maybe mine's a bit bigger? :)

    The kiwi is really exciting! I can't wait until your succulent garden is more lush, it will look nice.

    I love the picture of Gramps cutting his cosmos!