Friday, December 9, 2011

Cold weather upon us

Blushing Beauty
Day Dream
A steady high pressure has left us with just at freezing temps in the morning warming up to 45 degrees in the afternoons for over a week.  I started strong with getting my ranunculus planted then not having enough room in my small greenhouse having to make room elsewhere.  Hopefully, we will warm back up and I can get them all tucked in.  The good thing about this is we are missing out on all the storms.  We experienced a big one November 22nd, leaving us without power for almost 24 hrs.  It almost blew down the greenhouse.  My husband propped it back up.  Tulips, dutch iris (rose, blue and white), frutillaria, muscari, allium are all in.  Oh, even some peonies.
Black Parrot
Red Wing
Tequila Sunrise
National Velvet

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