Monday, March 26, 2012

Keep Me Away From the Seed Catalogs!

I just read in the March, Growing for Market, an article by Erin of Floret Flowers on Succession planting is the key to having flowers all season long.  I am extremely bad at succession planting.  So bad that  there are weeks without much going on as far as blooms to pick.  So I have taken this article to heart.  I made out a list of plant "must haves,"  that will give me blooms all summer long.  I have narrowed it down to what I absolutely cannot live without.  The down side is I have put in my seed orders and received all of my seed, several times over.  In reality I have most of the seeds to plant I just need to plant them in succession.  So today I placed another order.  I will have some exciting sunflowers I just can't wait!

I will have tons of blue flowers this year: Cerinthe, Bachelor Buttons, Flax, Forget Me Not, Scabiosa, Ageratum, Nigella, Sweet peas, Canterbury bells, Hydrangea.  I am probably forgetting a few. 


  1. How exciting! All those blues will be so wonderful. How do you narrow down? I just want one of everything.

    1. I was hard to narrow it down, seed is so expensive.