Sunday, June 10, 2012

Welcome to Yorkgate Manor

 My husband built me this wonderful gate to my
back garden.  I had this sign I made almost 15 years ago that says, "Yorkgate Manor est. 1997."  That was the year we moved into our house.  Finally a place to put it.
My hydrangeas are finally here!  I asked myself, "what grows on the Oregon North Coast? All of our overcast days and rain."  I said to myself," hydrangeas!"  So I got busy and ordered 60 from 
 from Amethyst Hill Nursery and here they are unpacked.

Carnations were getting top heavy and before they really start to put out buds on put some netting
on them.

On of my favorite peachy lilies  Menorca

One of my new roses is starting to bloom

Here is the bloom a couple days later after opening a bit more.  This one is called White Orkan Freelander.

Ooh, one of my sunflowers in the greenhouse is starting to bloom.  I selected some beauties this year.
I believe this one is called Cherry Rose.  My tags got mixed up when planting

Sunflowers are getting huge


  1. You beat me with your lilies. Love the sign and the rose.

    1. the lilies that are blooming right now are from last years planting. Still waiting on the others.

  2. What a gorgeous sunflower! I can't believe it though.... 60 hydrangeas?! Wow!

    It will be really nice to have an actual door now. (:

  3. I hope you can plant them in one day :) The door is fabulous, it has spring hinges and closes on its own. This was a product after accidently leaving the old door open all day and a family of deer strolling in and munching on my hydrangeas, rasberries and a few other things.