Monday, June 4, 2012

Greenhouse Tour

Enter at your own risk.  No, it's fine nothing will jump out at you

Still organizing.  Scented geraniums in pots.

Lilies are just about ready

Dahlias getting big, these are Cafe Au Lait my very favorite All my Kordes roses in the background 

Sunflowers not too long from now

My carnations I started from seed have buds on them

It's always good to get on your knees and look up and then you can see right in the middle of this picture
the brown striped Snail on the lily

End of tour.  I hope you enjoyed it.  


  1. Wow, nice greenhouse, everything looks nice and healthy and BIG. We are thinking of moving some of our roses to a house, stop the rain and deer from ruining them. What variety of carnations are you growing? I enjoyed the tour! Thanks

  2. I'm so excited for your carnations and roses! I can only imagine what happened to that snail... haha