Sunday, July 8, 2012

New and Old Friends

The week ended with a wonderful visit from a good friend and a walk around the garden talking about flowers.  Weddings are adding up and the flower stand has been really busy.  Still planting and buying plants.  There has been a stretch of warmer weather and I have been dragging the hose around.  I'm excited to see old friends like sweet peas and my favorite dahlia.  There are new friends such as, Icelandic Poppies and Forget Me Not.  There are some plants that are thriving like the raspberries, they must love lots of water and no sun.  Dahlias are starting to bloom and the Asiatic lilies in the greenhouse are almost done, I will miss them.  Still to come zinnias, marigolds and Rudbeckia just around the corner.  

I made a bouquet to take to my daughter on our Fourth of July visit
Bouquets for the Astoria Co-op

I was so excited to pick this bouquet of assorted poppies

Lilies, lilies and more lilies

The first handful or should I say five stems of fragrant  Sweet  Peas

My son and I planted until we couldn't plant anymore

My favorite dahlia Cafe' au Lait

tons of raspberries


Rudbeckia soon

My son planted deer resistant plants Marigolds, mint and cosmos

More to plant tomorrow

Things are growing


  1. Your flowers are looking great. From the stacked empty trays I spy, you have been very busy planting. Lucky you on the sweet peas, rabbits found most of our very tasty.

  2. Good stems on the sweet peas! Thank you for the pretty bouquet!