Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Flowers

Fall had finally arrived, month(s) of no rain this last weekend it poured buckets and the wind blew.  The bird bath is filled with rain water.   The grass is turning green again and fire season is over.  

Mother nature is wearing my colors.  GO BEAVS!

The sunflowers are done 

The flowers have all been blown over 

I was able to get out to pick flowers and get together a few arrangements during the sun breaks for 3 Cups Coffee

This one can either be for Halloween or my favorite Oregon State Beavers.  It is mostly orange with dark purple almost black accent flowers and foliages.  Most of the girls at the coffee shop went to WSU so I'm low key on the OSU.


  1. Cheer for the Beavs but play it cool at the coffee shop. I like that!! Nice arrangements.

  2. Lovely arrangements..When I was out I couldn't find any exotic flowers in this freezing winter.. I finally had to book online flowers..! Hey what happened to that rose bouquet you were talking about last month...?