Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lots of Work and Planning Makes Beautiful Flowers

This is the boring stuff: planting seeds, plants, amending the soil, watering. fertilizing, cleaning the greenhouse, making propagation beds.  But, in order to get to the fun stuff and that is making beautiful arrangements with gorgeous flowers you have to do all the not so fun stuff.

My husband made me these really nice propagation beds with lights above.  I'm so excited!

A sneak peak on what is going on outside

I really think this bee was asleep

A skeleton of what once was.  

Hellebores just about ready to open.  I should have bought more last year

My son's worm bin we just built.  This was one of his projects for his Gardening Merit Badge.  It will be strictly coffee grounds.  We got a 5 gal. bucket of coffee grounds from Three Cups Coffee House and filled it with what we had.  This will be an experiment to see how the worms like just coffee grounds.  The coffee shop is having a big "Earth Day," in April where hopefully we will have some vermicompost to bring.  

See the worms all on the left side

Making my own seed starting mix.

Tulips on there way up.  


Lots of dahlias to plant


  1. Keep up the great hard work! The payoff of beautiful flowers will be so worth it!!!