Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

I like the month of February usually here on the Coast it is when the crocus, dafs and hyacinths start to bloom and the birds start to sing.  It is also birthday to my brother, mother and father.  My cousin's birthday is on the 14th.  The days get longer and we usually have pretty mellow weather before we get to March then it gets soggy outside again.

This week I have enjoyed putting arrangements together for my clients.  I took some pictures but they did not turn out so great.

A little bit of a soap box now:

As for the commercialism of this holiday everyone thinks they can design beautiful bouquets.  The espresso stand/car detailer has a whole production going on will tables lined up with vases of roses, lilies and tulips in a sea of baby's breath.  I just have to take a picture and show you.

This year especially we are saturated by the huge amounts of flowers all the retailers have.  I guess the economy is getting better?

I love flowers and I love a well thought out flower arrangement. I put in a lot of myself into what I am doing and I appreciate my customers who buy my flowers.

To all the small flower farmers that work night and day to bring quality flowers to the market
Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Very well said! Thanks for link to us. We growers need to help each other as much as possible.