Monday, October 28, 2013

Lucky flowers

Flowers are such a passion of mine.  I love being around such beauty.  Lucky flowers or am I the lucky one? Farmers market their flowers in so many ways I love reading  the blogs and seeing what new way of marketing local flowers others have come up with.

Here on the North Oregon Coast we have many challenges growing flowers and other plants.  Extreme wet and wind hinder most of the year and when summer rolls around it could be overcast days for weeks on end. I enjoy trying new plants and this next year will probably be the same though I promised myself to stick to the tried and true.

Dahlias, everyone loves dahlias.  I have done some research or shopping on-line for dahlias and will be adding some new varieties. I haven't had much luck growing them but I believe if I grow them in the hoop houses this year they will do well.  Where I am located we get a marine layer of fog, mist that can lay over the land for half the day.  Dahlias want sun and heat so we'll see how well they will do tucked in a warm bed.

Snapdragons, I will definetly grow more of these they do well in the hoop house.  Zinnias, I'm looking for unusual but perform really well. Need more filler flower so I will be growing more 'Virgo' and 'Ball's Ultra Double' fever few, I love this stuff.  I need to locate a taller variety of Dusty Miller or maybe it just doesn't get that tall here.  More to come.......

Last of this years flowers

I was excited to find this blog this is a wedding I did the flowers for in July

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  1. Nice! Can't wait to hear about all the new varieties you will be trying next year.