Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I hate ripping out plants

I hate when a plant is still putting out a few decent blooms and I need to clear out the space.  I have put it off long enough the Cafe Au Lait dahlias have got to go and the snaps have to be cleaned out as well.
 I have spotted my praying mantis twice but when I go to take a picture it disappears, I think there is two of them that I have spotted so far.  One is a least 3 1/2 inches long the other probably 3 inches.
I love these things you can sure stick a lot of bugs on them.  I put the traps on every row of plants in the greenhouse along with praying mantis, green lacewings and lady bugs plus a bug zapper it sure helps keep the population of bugs down without having to spray with Safer Soap or something else.  The beneficial don't stick around for ever when they are finished they usually find the escape route and I will have to buy a new batch.  
I cannot believe the lemons on my tiny lemon tree.

This Kale is three feet tall. I planted it in the Spring in the green house and it has flourished since then.  I have forgotten to water it, it has endured 100 degree or so days (only in the greenhouse), it is practically bug and disease free and hasn't bolted.  I wish I could find the seed packet I don't know the name.  I have used it in arrangements and it holds up pretty well.

My garden has been weeded and barked. I had a nice man who does lawn and garden maintenance help me out.

What's left went into an arrangement.  I discovered that the leaves on the Oak Hydrangea turn to Autumn colors and hold up really well.

Oh, and the succulents are looking so nice


  1. Everything looks so nice and clean! Wanna help neaten up our place? Haha!!!!

  2. That's some lovely looking citrus! The kale is Red Russian (my favourite!). Watch out though, it's a prolific self-seeder, if left to go to seed in the spring.