Saturday, January 11, 2014

Flower Farming Oregon Coast

I hope everyone's year started off great.  Mine did with going at visiting my daughter and son-in-law in the Valley.  Lots of busy work to do.  Working on my website, getting me seed orders in and now waiting to get them in the mail

It is so exciting to get something in the mail.  I am now going to be hooked up with a Smartphone soon and will be able to do so much more than before.  Post pictures straight to Instagram and Facebook, check my email out in the greenhouse, look up information using the web out in the greenhouse instead of walking back to the house taking off my boots, going to my computer to find out how deep to plant something.  I have my new camera to learn to use so when all those gorgeous beauties are blooming I can take awesome pictures of them.  

Soon the plants will be shipped. Oh, I can't wait for the new ones for this year it will be so interesting to see how things grow here.  I have a few surprises in store for you.  

I am working on clients to be able to order CSA's directly off the website but for now emailing me works just fine.  Also, weekly bouquet deliveries and special orders can be emailed to me.

Stopped at the Polk County Flea Market on the way home and picked up some glass flower frogs.  They are very popular this year saw them at the antique store all over but was lucky enough to score some cheaper at the flea market.  I just love the way they shine.

This ugly wall is just part of a much bigger ugly.  It is in our shop where I have my tables set up to do my design work and it's COLD out there.  During the last cold spell my greens froze in my buckets.  So my husband moved all my buckets and years of stuff and is building me a design studio that will be heated.  YEAH!  

The flower farming business is going to be growing this year and it's exciting to be a part of the change. 
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  1. So excited for all your new changes and adventures! Hope you weathered the storm okay.