Sunday, December 22, 2013

Flower Farming Looking Back at 2013 and Looking Forward

Well, Winter Solstice happened which means the days will get longer.  I've read a lot of blogs about what other farmers think about this special day, mainly they can't wait for Spring again.  The year 2013, was definitely a challenge at times.  My daughter was married, yay.  My dad became ill, yuck. I had surgery, yuck.  But relationships grew, yay.  I got a 20' X 60' hoop house through NRCS, yippee! Earlier in the year I wanted to quit the flower biz and move on.  But, after my surgery I saw my flowers in a whole new light and re-surged even more engrossed in making 2014, the best year ever.

Pictures of the flowers from my Daughter's wedding
My daughter's wedding bouquet

Seeds started

Tulips already coming up!

I am still planting ranunculus, anemones and iris.  I got a late start but I am rolling with it.  My main concern is making sure the dirt they go into has been amended. I want to gear my sales to growing specialty crops for event designers, be their custom flower grower.  I want to be around people who are as passionate about flowers as I am and not ones that just see the flower as a money maker.

Goals for 2014-bought myself a new camera and going to take some awesome shots of flowers.
Going keep up with technology and get a Smartphone hopefully this way I can be more productive. Post to my Facebook, Instagram, Tweet and whatever else to keep customers informed and updated.  Taking an on-line marketing class with Alicia Schwede of Flirty Fleurs, can't wait for this.  Attending a workshop by a skilled designer or flower farmer, I can't wait for this one.   And most importantly enjoying time with my dear friends and family.  That means going for more walks and coffee at my favorite places.

My New Camera

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Super great goals! Beautiful photos of Ericka's wedding. Which classes are you taking? Look forward to hearing all you have learned.