Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Jack Frost and Old Man Winter are really at work.  14 degrees this morning and any thought of overwinter some of my tender perennials has been shot.  I'm just hoping to keep my ranunculus and anemones from freezing.  I can't water anything the hoses are frozen and the ground is too cold to work at present so it's just sit back and wait.  I wanted to start planting seeds but my potting soil is frozen so I'll have to wait on that.

I still have a lot of snow on the ground and I got almost got my van stuck going to the mailbox yesterday.  Even though the other roads heavier traveled are clear of most of the ice and snow our side road is still treacherous.

I have time to look through the seed catalogs, get my orders in and wait for the warmth.  It will probably take several days in the upper 40's to melt everything. Anyway, we don't want to warm up too quickly and send plants into "Oh, it's Spring,"  when we still have a few more months to go.  I've seen this before and not necessarily a good thing.

Stay Safe and Stay Warm


  1. Wild winter so far... We are planning that this will happen a couple more times before spring. Hope we are wrong. We can't work on anything or move anything because the driveway is a hill and no traction. Plenty of time for catalog dreaming. Stay warm.

  2. I'm North of you and are weather is the same, sooo cold, but no real snow here. I love it though :-) I posted a tutorial for the wreath, you should make one:-) I'm your newest follower!