Monday, March 10, 2014

Local Flowers

Wow, what a weekend I got to meet some of the flower farmers I look up to and it was amazing.  I attended a workshop for Flower Farmers put on by the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market in Hillsboro at Peterkort Roses.

I got the book  The 50 Mile Bouquet from a friend back when it first came out and soaked up every bit of it. Go here for in depth information about the MOVEMENT called Slow Flowers and I highly recommend reading the book.

Well, this weekend I got to meet several Flower Farmers that I have been following on social media for years and several that are showcased in the above book. Read on..........................

First of course, Bare Mtn. Farms in Shedd, OR., owned by Tony and Denise Gaetz, very nice people, willing to share with you, just fun to be with and talk the dirt (of course the actual soil type).  Joan Ewer Thorndike, Le Mera Gardens very nice, knowledgeable and willing to share, I think we have the same taste in flowers.  Diane Szukovathy from Jello Mold Farm very spunky I wish I had her energy she went to Washington D.C. recently check this out Janet Foss of J Foss Garden Flowers a wealth of information 30+ years in the flower biz.  Then new comers Elizabeth at Rose Hill Flower Farm and Erin at Rain Drop Farms.  Of course, our hosts Sandra Peterkort Laubethal and Norman Peterkort from Peterkort Roses.

Next week will be in Chehlis at Janet Foss's farm and I know I will meet up with more awesome flower people.

This is what I've been up to adding beneficials to hoop houses some come by mail and some are living in your water timer

Beautiful Anemones have started to put on a show

Bouquets delivered twice a week to the Astoria Co op and Flower Share Program which is either a weekly flower bouquet or monthly delivered straight to you.  It is never too late to sign-up for the share program go to Erika's Fresh Flowers Share Program

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  1. It was really great chatting with you. Hope you have a good time at the next one. Your bouquets are fabulous!