Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Japanese Beetle Keep Out of Oregon

Well, because the Japanese Beetle has found it's way to Oregon I cannot order any plants from a nursery in Nebraska.  

Japanese beetle adultThe nasty little bug

I have been looking for Amethyst Falls Oregano and some old fashion dianthus, finally found a nursery thanks to an article by Erin of Floret Flowers in Growing for Market magazine. The nursery regretted to tell me they cannot ship to Oregon because of the Japanese Beetle.

So, I went to the Oregon Department of Agriculture and I found this cool website Pest Tracker by Purdue Univeristy.  On the left side click on Pests and Maps.   Find the nasty little bug on the spreadsheet, click on the map button and it will show you which states they have found the pest.  I understand now after doing this process why Nebraska cannot ship plants to Oregon they have quite a few yellow "found," blocks. 

It is also important that if you find a bug and your not sure if it is bad or good look it up.  I had a weird bug on my eucalyptus, I called the local extension office and they referred me to Oregon State University Department of Agriculture.  I sent them a plastic sandwich bag with some of the dead bugs in it.  They did some research and it ended up being some sort of plant lice, I can't remember the scientific name.  He told me that it hadn't been reported in Oregon yet, yikes!  

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