Sunday, February 12, 2012

Seeds Are In

My seeds are here.  The long awaited journey across the United States to the Oregon Coast where they will be nurtured into thriving plants.

This years plant additions are drum roll please 

Several grasses and grains  will be included this year 
Amaranthus Green Thumb
Atriplex Green Plume
Atriplex Red Plume
Avena Sterilis
Barley Moongold

Xerophyllum tenax
Millet Purple Mist
Panicum Frosted Explosion
Gomphrena Strawberry Fields
and Orange
Agrostemma Ocean Pearls
Solidago Baby Gold
Poppy San Remo
Poppy Meadow Pastels
Cosmos Yellow Garden
Helichrysum Monster Lemon and White
Polygonum Orientale Kiss Me
Zinnia Queen Red Lime

And a late addition because of my recent Dianthus craze are

Raspberry Ripple Carnation 
Dianthus Rasberry Ripple
Dianthus Orange Ripple
Dianthus Lemon Fizz
Dianthus Giant Marie
Dianthus Orange Sherbert

Dianthus, Lemon Fizz Carnation

Dianthus, Giant Marie Chabaud Yellow


  1. Wow, some interesting varieties I would love to try. Already have a few new varieties to try so I can't put anymore on our plate. Would love to hear later how these varieties worked for you. Especially the Poppies, Dianthus varieties and the cosmos. Watch the frosted explosion grass, it looks a weed that grows here and spreads its seeds like a weed. Husband is not happy about that variety. Happy seeding.

  2. That yellow dianthus surprised me! Looks like you'll definitely have fun. :) That creamier one pictured is very pretty.

  3. Thank you both I am very excited and can't wait to see them in the bouquets