Friday, February 10, 2012

What can you do to get attention

I know with all this beautiful sunshine (yippee) people are out in their gardens weeding, pulling and planting if they are anything like me.  Nothing is blooming yet but the bulbs are pushing through the soil and reaching for the sky everyday it gets closer to the bounty of beautiful flowers again.

When you get desperate you can try and get your dahlias to pose for a picture at the beach.  A couple years ago my daughter, son and I took a bucket of dahlias and our wooden boat to the beach to snap some unusual pictures for a contest.  

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This was one of those rare days it was about 80 deg. on the Oregon Coast.  That was a fun day even though we didn't win the contest.


  1. Great photo! You should have won, the contest was rigged.... outrageous!

  2. Yeah, that was disappointing we didn't win. But we're still proud of our photo!