Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Cut Flower Trends

Found this blog Growing with Plants this guy has found some unusual cut flowers.  Green dianthus?  Dyed sweet peas?  I myself like unusual plants but I don't like dyed flowers.  Very interesting. 

I am now on a hunt for dianthus a.k.a. pinks you know the old cottage garden type.  I found several sites that sell the ones I want unfortunately they are in the UK such as Allswood and Whetman Pinks.  
This is a bouquet with Sweet Williams and a gorgeous pink rose from a few years ago.  I planted  several hundred Sweet Williams last year and should have a great crop this year.
Dianthus 'Suffolk Hussar'
Isn't it so cute


  1. Dianthus is definitely a favorite genus of mine! I love Sweet Williams in particular. I'm excited to see all of yours.

  2. I'm happy to get to see these beautiful photos! The flowers are gorgeous and your photo is great! Thank you for sharing!

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