Saturday, April 21, 2012

Selling Bouquets at the Astoria Co-op

Article in the April Astoria Co-op's Newsletter:

Fresh Local Flowers
We've been waiting for a flower grower to provide the Co-op with fresh cut, local flowers. Kathleen Barber, owner and operator of Erika's Fresh Flowers, has found a way to make it work for both her business and the Co-op.

Kathleen has flower farming in her blood. She says, "My mother, father, aunt and daughter are all avid gardeners, flower collectors, overall flower pick'n crazy people. We will climb up steep hills or crawl into berry bushes if we think there is a flower worth smelling or picking."

Kathleen specializes in naturally grown fresh-cut flowers. That's why they make a good fit for the Co-op. Not only are they local, but they are grown without toxic sprays. This is important to Kathleen too because she's witnessed friends in the flower industry who retired with heavy metal poisoning. Her loved-ones touch and smell these flowers, and so will her customers.

Obviously, growing flowers on the North Coast isn't always easy. Wind and lack of heat limit the growing season. In response, Kathleen built a 20'X60' hoop house to keep her flowers under cover. This will facilitate a lengthening of the growing season, making Erika's Fresh Flowers available more regularly.

Kathleen says it is her joy to be providing the community with safe, fresh, and local flowers.  We are proud to support her as well.  Look for her spectacular bouquets at the Co-op registers and the produce section. Check out Kathleen's blog

I tried to snap some photos before delivering today


  1. Wow, terrific writeup! Your flowers are just gorgeous. What is the little blue flower? Your daughter stopped by today, what a lovely young woman. She said you might come by soon. Hope so, would love to meet you!

    1. Why thank you! wood hyancinths are so easy to "pick." You can just pull the stem right out of the ground!

  2. The blue flower is wood hyacinth or English Blue Bells. Hope to get to the Corvallis Farmer's Mkt.

  3. Way to go mom! Glad you put this here.