Sunday, June 24, 2012

Planting Fiesta

I am a week behind on posting anything to my blog.  Last Saturday I met the wonderful people of Bare Mtn. Farm, Denise and Tony at the Corvallis Farmer's Mkt.  What a wonderful market that is fresh produce, mushrooms, strawberries, meats of all kinds and of course the beautiful flowers and  all fresh from the farmers that grow them.  I wish I brought my cooler maybe next time.  Chatted with Denise and Tony about flowers and farming.  They have their booth set up were the customer can choose from an assortment of loose  flowers to make a custom bouquet and they also had pre-made bouquets.  

Thursday one of my closest friends came for a visit and we had a wonder time.  We picked some flowers and she made two beautiful bouquets.  Of course my camera was somewhere else and I didn't get a picture.   Darn!

I had enough of my new roses to make a bouquet

Bouquet at 3 Cups Coffee House  as it opens up it just keeps getting more beautiful.  Carly the owner says the flowers have had more comments then anything else in the shop.
I am planting hydrangeas like a mad woman.  Who ordered all these ?
Annabelle hydrangea just about ready to bloom
My son and I had a planting fiesta today.  I am so tired.  He went in the house when it started raining.
Cafe au Lait dahlia just about ready 
I am lov'n these colors 

My husband was also busy today putting in water in the greenhouse

What the greenhouse looks like today.  Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Glad you're putting the kiddo to work! He could use some fresh air.

    Very pretty coffee shop bouquet. I like the calla leaves and grass.

    And a surprise guest?!