Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Slow Flowers

No, Slow Flowers does not refer to flowers that grow slow although with our strange weather that would be another way of describing flowers.  Slow Flowers in this blog is refering to the new book The 50 Mile Bouquet written by Debra Prinzing.  A dear friend of mine gave me this book a few months ago and I have enjoyed ever page about 144 to be exact.  For those that don't know what Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Flowers are this book would be essential.  For those that know it's important to support local growers and to know where your flowers come from this would be a delight to read.

There is so much passion and love that goes into growing flowers that only a flower grower would know.  When I am out and about and someone asks me what  I do and I tell them, "I am a flower farmer."  They are so courious and ask me all kinds of questions it really does seem everyone love flowers.

I enjoy making these little bouquets full of abundance from the garden.  Scented geranuims, poppy pods, roses, honeysuckle, zinnia, hypericum, dusy miller, Fiber Optic grass, Black Night queen ann's lace, sea holly, mint, Annebelle hydgrangia, Limelight Hydgranea. 

I do thank those that choose to buy Local flowers it does make a difference.  Just the other day when I went to pick up my dog from boarding and the manager had received an arrangement of flowers from her boss for her birthday.  I asked about the flowers and asked if they were from a local florist and she said, "yes." I told her that I grew the hypericum in that arrangement.  She was so excited it started a conversation and I ended up giving her some of my business cards to put on her counter.  She said because I grew some of those flowers she loved the arrangement even more knowing they were local.  Makes you smile, doesn't it?

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