Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Well, Mother's Day flew by fast.  I spent Saturday driving down south but enjoyed my time with just my son at my side.  I stopped at Woodstock Nursery in Manning what a great little nursery.  It was jammed packed with hanging baskets, perennials, a whole hoop house full of just peppers and tomatoes, then there was a hoop house full of bedding plants, geraniums and Rex begonias.  There were shrubs,blueberries and so much more.  I bought a whole car load of potting mix and compost which was promised to be the best so we'll see.  Then off I went and stopped at another great nursery in McMinnville, OR and finally found pink jasmine after a half a dozen nurseries saying they can't get it.  Oh, I was so excited so I picked up two so now I have three.  Then down to Monmouth by then it was 80 degrees out and I was melting.  My daughter picked up four scented geraniums for me at the Master Gardener plant sale I believe that was in Polk County.  Now I have more scented geraniums I'm so excited.

The weather has turned to overcast and drizzle again our normal May weather and not the hot 70 degree days.  A lot of my seedlings in the hoop house got way to hot and I'm not sure if they will come out of it. I haven't had a lot of time to take pictures other than the one I added to The Seasonal Bouquet.  If you want to see what other flower farmers are doing this is a great blog.

This weeks flower selection

From last week
I just love clematis

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