Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tropical Storm 1, 2013

After the "Big Day," on September 1, there was the start of school so I decided to take it easy and just try to enjoy what was left of summer. I Enjoyed walking on the beach with my dog on several occasions. One the fist day of fall last week we had a small storm bring some rain something we haven't had in months.  This weekend we are expecting a tropical storm remnants of a Typhoon from Japan.  Nothing we aren't use to lots of rain and wind.  So all the things that would blow away were put away.  The storms are early this year usually we aren't saturated by this much rain fall until November.  I have some flowers in the hoop house and braved the rain and wind to go out and clip some to bring in the house.  I'm pretty sure my husband has the hoop houses secure for any big wind that may happen during this Winter.  I guess we need to brace ourselves for what is to come?  Not to be worried this is the North Coast and the Boy Scout Motto is, "Be Prepared!"   The power has been blinking on and off and the Fire Dept. is now busy getting trees off of power poles and the roads and it really hasn't gotten that windy yet.  I enjoyed putting this arrangement together while listening to the football game on the radio (stupid Pac 12 Network).

Enjoy your weekend!

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