Friday, March 30, 2012

Wew, what a trip

A friend and I journeyed out this morning to Clackamas, which is about at two hour drive to pick up lily bulbs and crates.  How many crates can you fit in a minivan?  45.  I am so excited to start to plant.

Lily bulbs just waiting to be planted

Oh, and we stopped at a nursery and picked up a few things we shoved between the bulb crates.  Look at this beautiful Hellebore.

While I was gone my husband put on the first layer of plastic on the greenhouse.  If weather permits maybe the second layer tomorrow and a door.  We had .46 " of rain in the last 24 hours and more to come.  I guess we only need a third of an inch of rain for it to be the wettest March on record... yah hoo...

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  1. Ya Hoo, is right! Boy are you going to be busy planting. Can't wait to see all the lilies! Oh, the greenhouse looks wonderful.