Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flower Farmer's Tan Weather

Wow!  Who would of thought Easter would be 65 degrees?  It was 82 deg. in the greenhouse today.  We will be getting that fan soon, those box fans can't keep up.

My brother and his family were visiting this last week from Idaho and we stayed pretty busy.  We climbed the Astor Column, walked the trail at Fort Clatsop.  We made a trip over the hill to Washington Square so my brother could go the the Duck's store, he really enjoyed that not much U of O stuff in Idaho.

My neice is a kick in the pants and has the flower pick'n bug like me.  On our walk at Ft. Clastops she picked this lovely bouquet of wild flowers.  She knew exactly how she wanted the bouquet to look and said it need something green and picked just the right grass to add height.

This weekend's progress on the greenhouse.  All the lilies have been planted!

Green house is finished and now we get the nice weather?

mmmm...the smell of Sunk Cabbage and you know  Spring  has arrived.  


  1. Boy the greenhouse is nice and big and of course the weather would change when it is done. Have fun filling it up with beautiful flowers. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. Sorry to have missed everyone and Easter. Everything looks good! By the way, she gets it from me. ;)