Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beginning of Summer

Flowers are just starting to really sing....

Chantilly Snapdragons and poppies.  The snaps and poppies are planted in our hoophouse were it can get 100 deg. on a sunny day.  They seem to really love it, they are very productive.

Mixed arrangement with just about everything.  Snapdragons, spirea, ninebark, lilies, canterbury bells, poppies, Sweet William, Spearmint, Queen Ann's Lace, Himalayan honeysuckle and probably a bit more.

As usual weeds are just about everywhere and watering is inevitable even with the rain we've had.  Some things had quite a slow start because of the potting soil I started them in.  I found a really good potting mix from Tuefels and  I replant a lot of seeds and they surpassed the ones that were over a month old.

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